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One night as I sampled a whiskey that felt all too familiar but with no memory of ever trying it dawned on me. Maybe I should get a tasting journal/notebook to keep track of what I had tried, what I like etc. After I spent the rest of the night looking for one that had everything I wanted I realized how so many of them were lacking.

It then became my mission to create one that had everything I was looking for. I quickly jotted down it all down and it turned into a spiel of what I liked and didn't like from the others I had looked up. Within a couple of days, I had a rough outline and within two weeks I had the First Edition of Whiskey Spiels done. As I waited for my copies to come in it dawned on me I should use the same idea for wine, beer, and cocktails. This is how Spiels Notebooks get started. I hope you enjoy using them as much as I have enjoyed putting them together!

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